Service Cloud

If your business is committed to customer service, Salesforce cloud services are exactly what you need. Whether you work in B2C or B2B

some customers will have frequent submissions and inquiries. Your service agents will receive these tickets. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you successfully track and resolve these claims.

This is not the only way to change the quality of customer service. Let’s dive deeper and see how Salesforce Service Cloud makes a good impression.

  • Maximize agency productivity With cloud services, employees can work from anywhere. With readily available management options (eg Internet, mobile, knowledge base), increasing agency productivity will help reduce agency costs.
  • Customer service transformation Significantly improve the relationship with each customer through direct agents. You can increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention, help retain existing customers, increase customer LTV (life value) and positive feedback on your brand.
  • Security Your data is fully protected thanks to the Service Cloud platform. It requires a multi-layered approach to protecting your business-critical information.
  • Use social media platforms. You can also interact with customers on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter in real time.
  • Tracking records help you resolve cases faster. This results in better management of day-to-day operations and a significant reduction in manual errors.

In short, Salesforce Service Cloud definitely helps to streamline operational processes and make them more convenient for your customers. According to a study of companies using Salesforce Service Cloud, productivity growth has significantly accelerated. If you see the infographic below, agent productivity has increased by 40% and referral resolution has increased by 41%,