Salesforce CPQ or Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote is a sales tool that enables companies to provide accurate prices for any product configuration scenario. The CPQ app takes options, settings, quantities, and discounts into account, allowing reps to bid quickly and accurately. Salesforce CPQ provides your sales teams with easy-to-use software, available on any device via the cloud platform. Hosted in the sales cloud, giving you direct access to your CRM system in order to make the most effective sales decisions.

 How CPQ Can Increase Profits?

 Although many companies do not yet have CPQ software, they have achieved impressive positive results in terms of time, deal size, bid accuracy and sales process.

 CPQ reduces wasted time.

 To be profitable, business organizations need to be smarter and more efficient. One way to do this is to look at Lean principles, such as the elimination of waste in the manufacturing process, and apply them to your sales tactic. Robert J. Pryor has implemented this new sales thinking in his book, checking: reduction of the sales cycle and gives savings, anticipated income growth, providing customers that they really want, Omen describes a changing sales landscape and must simplify the sales process.

 Ultimately, the new business relationship should focus on creating value for the customer. Unnecessary action is a violation of fair selling. Every contact with the client should be beneficial. This means that a traditional phone call or e-mail to “verify” the customer is absolutely not on Pryor’s lists. Instead, call your customers and provide new information about their business goals, share any responses the customer has requested, or provide pricing or customization information.

 Part of providing value to customers is advising them to solve their problems. Each sale should be conducted by a dedicated expert (SME), an expert in their field, with knowledge of problem solving and knowledge of the most effective solutions. perform. To boost your sales, Jan Altman suggests compiling a list of potential and existing customers who may be having problems with your small business. “Then [SMBs] talk to a few customers to find out how common these problems are and how they are currently solving them,” Altman suggests.

 While SMEs are an invaluable resource for each business visit, they are not included in the budgets of most business managers. It also means that project management software updates will be compatible with the latest Salesforce releases and new features.


 Native applications offer unlimited flexibility. You can easily customize them to suit your needs, such as adding custom objects and fields, workflow, and more. Your data is only stored securely in Salesforce and is subject to your current privacy settings and sharing policies.

 Real-time reporting

 You can also ensure real-time data synchronization, which is critical for reporting and analysis. Using Salesforce dashboards and reports, your Salesforce project management application gives you important insight into key trends and bottlenecks.