Non-profit Implementations

 When you start your Salesforce research, you come across the Non-Profit Success Package, NPCP for short. It is a basic, cloud-based Salesforce CRM platform for sales, pre-configured for non-commercial use. It includes things like donation tracking, travel management, recurring donations and donation tracking, and relationship management and more.

 Salesforce offers all eligible nonprofits 10 free user licenses with the purchase of Salesforce Services Cloud (with NPSP preconfigured). For many SMBs, this is often enough to get started, thus reducing the cost of connecting and customizing a CRM system.

 The Salesforce NPSP plan contains all the necessary tools needed for a CRM system for a nonprofit. Think of them as the backbone of your largest pile of financial and operational technologies. Main tools and functions included in NPCP:

 Component Monitoring and Control. This feature allows you to create personalized donor profiles and store all relevant metrics, including demographic data points, commitment and fundraising. It also includes travel and relationship management, which basically allows you to closely follow your farming and management on a personal level.

 Monitoring and management of campaigns. Track and manage revenue, expenses, and other KPIs across various marketing and fundraising initiatives. The powerful functionality ensures quick and easy multi-level tracking and visibility of all multi-channel efforts, from the most detailed view to 10,000 feet.

 Dashboard and reporting functions. The core Salesforce platform gives your organization a great deal of flexibility to customize and fine-tune how you report, view, and use a variety of custom data points, campaigns, and available sponsors in the database.

 These functions form the basis of the NPSP data architecture. With this basic structure, any online or offline interaction with followers can be well managed with customizable or efficient time-saving workflow automation. valuable time and effort while maintaining maximum data hygiene.

 If you already have some database management experience (or even if you don’t), we recommend that you review the comprehensive NPSP data model in Salesforce to better understand CRM.

 In short, Salesforce NPCP is a powerful CRM system that often forms the basis of a fundraising technology stack. It is often the primary source and subscription database for day-to-day management and business operations for both non-commercial and commercial users.

 However, it is not an internet marketing tool, neither interactive nor fundraising. There are other products for these purposes in packages from Salesforce and other vendors, and this is where the Salesforce apps come in.