Sales cloud

Sales Cloud is part of the platform, aimed at improving the efficiency of the sales force of the organization, and thus increasing sales. It is unique compared to other selling methods as it provides both customer account information and product and customer information gathered from social media platforms. This helps you evaluate potential customers faster and close the sale.

 Below are the main business goals achieved with Sales Cloud.

•Close Other Offers
Having all your account information and product information available to your customers helps you attract more potential customers.

•Faster closing of transactions
The mobile application and the intuitive design of the business process approval process accelerate transactions.

•Get More Offers
Constantly optimize your campaigns based on market reaction and eventually interact with your trading partners, which leads to more trades.

•Faster decision making
The availability of reports and dashboards gives a very detailed picture of the business scenario and also improves the accuracy of sales forecasts. Thanks to this, business decisions are made quickly.

•The key features of Sales Cloud
In this section, we will discuss the main features of Sales Cloud. The functions are described below.

•Contact Management
Provides comprehensive customer information including chats, previous chats, key contacts, and email.

•Managing Opportunities
Allows you to create and modify quotes in response to trade interactions and trading scenarios.

•Salesforce Engage
Provides alerts for active leads and creates personalized campaigns.

•Lead Management
Allows you to assign leads to the right people and track campaigns.

•Reports and Dashboards
Help you create detailed dashboards for more information. This leads to faster solutions.